Relationship Questions

Matt liked to write things down. He had a terrible memory, so if he ever needed to talk to me about something he would often pull a little piece of note paper out of his pocket and refer to it throughout the conversation. At first I thought this was pretty funny, but I soon realised that it showed his godliness and maturity.

Matt was passionate about me, but more than that, he was passionate about Jesus. And this showed in every area of his life. As a result one of the things Matt spent a lot of time thinking and praying about was our relationship. I recently came across a list of questions that Matt compiled and we worked through together. I think they are really important questions for everyone to as themselves, but especially if you are in or thinking about entering into a romantic relationship.  

So here they are:

  • What is best for us (you) right now?
  • Are we encouraging each other’s spiritual growth?
  • In this relationship hindering our growth and relationship with God?
  • Is God the focus of our relationship?
  • Are we being poor stewards of our singleness? (if you are currently single)
  • Where are we headed?
  • What do you think God is saying to you about our relationship?
  • Do we need to be just friends?
  • Should we continue spending time together in a non-dating relationship like we are now, and wait until we feel it is God’s timing for us?
  • Do we move ahead?
  • How can I be the kind of friend you need right now?
  • Are we becoming too intimate based on our level of commitment? 
  • Are we looking towards marriage as the goal of this relationship?
  • Does this relationship glorify God?

Ask away!

xx zs


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