Some people are such jerks! Sorry about my

Some people are such jerks! Sorry about my language; I do hate that word and very rarely use it…but I am annoyed and will repent for it later.

I had just had a lovely night at church and a cuppa afterwards with my besties (you know who you are!) and as I was driving up Maquarie pass (alone) an idiot sped up behind me. He (or she – not sure) sat right on my tail for about 10 seconds before illegally and dangerously overtaking me. As they passed I beeped my little horn at them disapprovingly  which apparently pissed them off as they decided to slow right down and then stop in the middle of the road, forcing me to stop as well! It was terrfying! I had no idea what they were going to do; were they going to get out and abuse me? Thank goodness they didn’t…after sitting for what felt like the longest 30 seconds of my life they sped off into the night, leaving me a teary and shaky mess.

Luckily he/she didn’t get out of the car, or they would have seen that my face looked very similar to this:


And to top it all off I had to do a bloody hill start in the middle of the road and cause I’m a crap manual driver and was in a state of shock I stalled a couple of times before I was safely on my way!

So tonight I am thanking God that he kept me safe on the road today, and am asking Him to help me love people who drive irresponsibly on the roads (and scare sneaky wees out of me).

xx zs


3 thoughts on “Some people are such jerks! Sorry about my

  1. hey zoo – i had a similar thing happen, very scary. make sure you know where the button is to automatically lock all your doors.

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