“I’m Standing on His Shoulders…”


Sandra McCracken, on her album ‘Live Under Lights and Wires’, shares a story of two young boys in Missouri who spent their summer playing by some sandbag levees that held back some of the extreme flooding that happened over the past decade on the Mississippi River. Tragically, the two boys found themselves in some quicksand resulting in a breach in the levy. When rescue workers finally found them and came to them, they found only the younger boy standing in the sand.
“Where is your brother?” Asked one of the rescuers.
“I’m standing on his shoulders,” answered the young boy.
The older brother had sacrificed his life to save his younger brother.
Just as the young boy needed saving, we, too, were once sinking in the sand of our sin, and it took our older brother Jesus to sacrifice himself so we could be saved. And like the little boy, we are still in the sand of sin but saved from the death it would cause, and one day the rescue worker Jesus will come and pull us out completely. This is the basic sense of what the Bible means when it says that we’re saved in Christ.

xx zs


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