‘Identity’ – Lecrae (feat. Da Truth, Jr)

‘Identity’ – Lecrae (feat. Da Truth, Jr)

Many weeks ago my Soul Sister gifted me with an itunes gift card, so today I had both the pleasure and excitement of purchasing my very first album on itunes. Yes I know; I am far, far behind the times, especially for a lover of music like myself. Anyway, I decided to buy Lecrae’s album ‘Rebel’ and have been pumping it through my oversized headphones for the last couple of hours. It’s not only great to listen to, but it also motivated me to do some housework and washing…for the win!

As I was hanging my clothes on the line the song ‘Identity’ came on and it really struck a cord in me. I’ve linked the title of this post to a YouTube version of the song so you can have a listen, but if you haven’t heard any of Lecrae’s music I’ll just let you know that he is a rapper (for those anti-rap readers out there).

I think that it is very well-know among Christians that we are called to find our identity in Christ, and in Christ alone. I also think that if you were to ask the people who belong to our churches they would say that yes, they place their trust in and find their identity in who they are in Christ. I think if you asked me this question, I would also answer the same.

But do I really? Do you really? Can you honestly say that you don’t conform to the patterns of this world in order to ‘fit in’, or be accepted by your peers? This song has definitely made me re-think my identity and my value.

He’s Christian, he gave his life

But he still ain’t satisfied in the savior Christ

Still finds his identity in looks and cars

If he only knew that he ain’t have to look so hard

If he looked in God

It may seem odd

But he be so satisfied, he can leave it all

I feel like this very much describes me. I have given my life to Christ, but I don’t think I have been fully satisfied by him. If I lost all my possessions; this house, my toys, my books, my technology, my car, etc., would I be satisfied with knowing Christ? Would you? I think I have had a little bit of insight into this in loosing Matt. If there was one thing that stood dangerously close to God’s place in my life, it was my husband. Matt’s awful death has reassured me in my faith and has showed me that I do in fact have God as number one in my life – because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to cope with this pain and loss. And if I can think of anything good to come out of this mess for me, that is it.

Having said that though, I am also very aware that I still worry too much about appearance and acceptance. And I know that this is a huge problem in our churches too, and especially in our youth groups. It is so hard for our youth (especially girls, but also boys as well) to dress modestly, because the cultural norm is for them to wear skimpy shorts, skirts and dresses, and low-cut tops. I personally know of girls who agree that modesty in important, but are unable to stand up under the pressure of feeling like they need to ‘fit in’. That is where this verse comes in;

Got her hair done, toes, nails

Is that Her, well it’s hard to tell

Cause she’s so caked up in all that make up

It’s like she tryna make up for what she ain’t but,

She’s a saint, but so confused

Cause she’s been rejected by all these dudes

That tell her on a scale of 10 she’s a two

But that ain’t true

If she only knew

In Christ she is loved, she secure and accepted

Never be rejected by God whose elected her

Her beauty is her Godliness

And she ain’t gotta flaunt it cause it’s obvious

Identity is found in the God we trust

And any other identity will self destruct

Identity is found in the God we trust

And any other identity will self destruct

I am personally thankful that I am not a youth today because I think they they have it really tough! I don’t know what the immediate answer is, but I think that overall our youth – and ourselves – need to be exposed daily to the Gospel; to the truth of Jesus. We need to be reminded daily that God loves us no matter how much stuff we own or how much beauty we possess. The rates of depression, anxiety, self harm and eating disorders are growing fairly rapidly, and I believe that some of (not all of) the statistics can be attributed to a lack of the Gospel playing out in our lives. And that is another reason why I believe that youth ministry is so important.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying Lecrae’s music at the moment, as well as other Christian rappers and spoken word artists, so don’t be surprised if there are future posts containing some lyrics and links!

xx zs  


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