Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God.

– Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This quote reminds me of the saying ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees’ – obviously not because they are similar but rather they couldn’t be more opposite. I can not imagine having to face God in death standing on my own two feet and self-righteousness; I would have absolutely nothing to stand on! I’m so thankful that I’m not judged on my good deeds, but on Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection for my salvation.

Prayer is hard but, and I don’t think I’m the only one out there who struggles with it. Since Matt’s accident I have often asked people to pray for me as I am finding it hard to pray myself. I just don’t know what to say; I don’t know where to start. But if I’m honest with myself, I think my prayer life was rubbish even before then…actually, I can’t properly remember a time when I have had a healthy and vibrant prayer life!

Sometimes I try and combat this by reading through some of the prayers in the Bible, writing or typing out my prayers, reading books on prayer, listening to sermons on prayer, (apparently also writing a blog post on prayer?) etc, etc, – but when it comes down to it, when I have time alone with God…nothing happens. The words just don’t come. I feel like a mute. And it’s upsetting! I want to be able to come to God in prayer, to be able to praise Him for his goodness, to seek His guidance and ask for His help.

Driscoll writes: ‘Praying is one of the most edifying and humbling activities we can do. In prayer, we lay out our deepest desires, fears, emotions, pain, joys, thanksgivings, and more to the God of the universe. It’s deeply personal…God does not need us, but he wants us, which is far better. He welcomes us into relationship to know his glorious joy and make it known.’

Yes please! I’ll have some of that! But how? How do I/we get to that place (again)? How do we move this ‘head knowledge’ of God and turn it into ‘heart knowledge’? I think we just have to … start. I guess Nike had the right idea…



Just do it! Get off the computer and get on your knees.

Do it.

xx zs





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