10 Reasons…


Just quickly before bed, here are 10 reasons why Matt was the best husband ever:

  1. He loved me, but he loved Jesus even more.
  2. He was equally geeky and athletic; the best of both worlds!
  3. Whenever we were inside and he needed to fart, he would leave the room, and sometimes even go outside!
  4. He was great at giving massages. He even read a book on it so he could help get the tension out of my shoulders.
  5. If we were walking down the street he would always walk on the road side so that if anything was to go wrong he would get hit first.
  6. He showered regularly and wore yummy deodorant.
  7. He prayed for me every night. 
  8. He asked my nearly every half hour if I would like a cup of tea or coffee (and actually made them for me!).
  9. He was passionate about growing and maturing as a husband and a man of God.
  10. He trimmed the hedges like a (legit) ninja!



xx zs


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