Oh Facebook…..why do you tempt me so?

Until the day I got married I never had Facebook. I knew that it wasn’t all bad, but I also saw people getting bullied and stalked on it so decided that I would take a stand against it. If I am completely honest though, another big reason for me not having an account was that I knew I would spend to much time on it, and eventually become a slave to it.

Then I married Matt and I thought ‘surely if I just put my name on Matt’s account that will be enough – the best of both worlds?’ And for 2 months it was. I was able to enjoy the benefits of being able to share our wedding photos and get in contact with friends via Fb, but not become too engrossed in it as I was working and wifing most of the time. 

Now Matt is gone. I am no longer wifing. I am no longer working. At first it was great – because Matt and I shared an account I was able to talk to all of his friends (some that I knew and some that I didn’t), and I was extremely blessed by the encouragement and testimonies shared about him.

Now as nearly 4 months have passed since the accident, and I am still not working a regular job, I am finding myself spending an increasingly scary amont of time on Fb. I get joy out of people ‘liking’ my posts (pride?) and I think I am living somewhat vicariously through everyone else. I’ll admit it; My name is Zoe Schuthof and I have an extremely addictive personality. I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I spend more time on Fb than I do in the presence of God. The first thing I read in the mornings in my Fb feed, not my Bible. 

I don’t really want to, but I know I need to change this. So this is what I have decided; I am much better at going ‘cold turkey’ than simply reducing the amount of something each day – I am more likely to stick to it that way. So I am going to be limiting my Fb access to weekends only. I feel like saying that this is a rather ‘drastic measure’…but is it really? It seems like it is but in reality I really don’t think it is at all.

Here is what I propose: I will be on Fb today, but from tomorrow I will only be checking it on weekends. If you don’t have any other contact details for me please inbox me and I’ll pass on my mobile number and/or email address. I understand that this could be quite inconvenient for you out there as Fb has proved to be an easy way to contact me (because I am literally on it all day!) but I personally think it is necessary for me.



Sadly this has become somewhat true about me.

xx zs


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