Feeling It…

Feeling It...

The last couple of days have been somewhat gloomy. It’s like a monotonous sadness…not like the painful stab of a burn or cut, but more the dull, unshakable throbbing of a 3-day-long headache.

One thing I am praying for (and have had others praying for me) is the wisdom and ability to actually allow myself to grieve…to feel my pain. I’ve been listening to Driscoll and am trying to understand grief and what it looks like for different people. I think my biggest problem at the moment is that I don’t know how to ‘do it’; I don’t know what’s right and wrong in terms of how I grieve, and everyone is just telling me “take each day as it comes and do what feels right for you”… but I have no idea what that means for me.

So if you like praying I’d love your prayer for this.

xx zs


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