The Week That Has Been…

It has been a long, wet and exhausting week . . . and I have not been doing much of anything. It’s interesting that often the days we laze-about are the days we feel most tired and void of energy or enthusiasm. So partially due to the never-ending rain, and partially to my own lack of motivation, I spent most of the week in bed, in front of the fire, in front of the heater (or ‘the Sun’ as I like to call it), reading, gaming, watching, thinking, writing and browsing the inter-webs. All-in-all it has been a particularly emotional week, and I have found myself frustratingly often on the edge of a blubbering meltdown.

That being said, the week ended brilliantly with a night out of the house, at a gracious friend’s home. You know those friends who you feel really comfortable with? The ones who know more about you than any others? The ones who will laugh and cry with you? The ones who give advice and counsel but also sit and listen? The ones who if you spend a year apart and you reunite, it feels like no time has passed at all? She is one of those friends, and it was a blessing to spend precious time with her both weeping and laughing hysterically. (She even made a little sign for my bed – on the left).


This lovely notebook on the right was a gift from my equally lovely sister = )

One thing that struck me this week as I was reading the gospel of Mark (I feel like I need more of Jesus in my day and less of Zoe), were these words of Jesus’ from Mk 6:31 . . .

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

I don’t know why, but this verse has just stood out to me for the first time ever. I find it interesting and comforting that Jesus didn’t say “Go by yourselves by a quiet place and get some rest”, but he specifically said “Come with me…”. Now this may be talking the verse way out of context, but I believe that God spoke to me personally through this passage and it has been on my heart all week . . . I feel like as Christians, when we are weary and burdened, Jesus doesn’t tell us to take some ‘alone time’, but he invites us to rest with him and in him. So this week as I spent time ‘alone’ I was reminded that I am never alone in that sense…that Jesus is by my side always – comforting, encouraging, loving, providing for and interceding for me.

xx zs


(easier said than done eh?!)


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