What A Guy . . .

I often find myself sitting, standing, lying, kneeling, and showering for long periods of time playing over in my head moments of joy spent with Matthew. Often it’s our wedding day, our honeymoon and our many, many adventures.

The moment that has been on repeat today is Christmas 2011. I was living and working at Waterslea, and Matt in Springwood. He rode down the week before Christmas to surprise me with a home-cooked meal (in my home) and a beautiful gift.

He pulled out a ring-sized box and my heart stopped. No! Now? Too soon!!! I think he saw the look on my face and quickly reassured me that he wasn’t proposing (phew! It would have broken my heart to have to turn him down!). Anyway, inside was a beautiful ring for my right hand.

Alongside it he presented me with a hand-written letter that said this:

To My Dear Beautiful Zoe,

Last night I gave you a beautiful ring, though its beauty is nothing compared to yours.

This ring symbolises a promise of mine to you, a promise that I have chosen you and will not change my mind.

I know that things may be a little less clear for you because of our distance relationship so far, but I want you to know that I am completely convinced that you are the woman I want to marry.

Zoe, you are the most beautiful, encouraging, Godly and awesome woman I have ever met and you fill me with joy whenever we are together.

I can see that God has been helping us along in the past and I believe He will continue to help and guide us in the future.

When the time comes, if you decide I am still the man you want to marry, I will give you another ring for your other hand. But until then, whenever you look at this ring, remember that I have chosen you, I am committed to you and I’m not going anywhere unless God or you choose otherwise.

Your Man,

Matthew Schuthof

What a guy. I’m missing him today.

xx zs



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