Thank You . . .


  • To Mum and Dad, for feeding me, cleaning for me, spending time with me, shopping for me, washing for me, loving me, and so much more.
  • To Marc and Margaret, for loving me and supporting me.
  • To Ellen, Kathleen and Lucy, for being the best sisters.
  • To the rest of my family and Matt’s, for supporting me and my parents.
  • To Eliza, John, Jamie and Holly, for everything.
  • To Ellie, for coffee, walks and messages. 
  • To Kirrilee, for being my bodyguard, accountant, secretary, personal assistant, and friend.
  • To Serena, Natasha, Sarah, Donna, Michelle and Kristen, for feeding me, praying for me, and understanding me.
  • To Tess, for being there on the night.
  • To the Robbo Rangas, for making me laugh.
  • To Dave, for fixing and selling Matthew’s bike.
  • To Josh and Richard, for all you did on the day of the accident.
  • To the amazing woman of God who graciously paid for the funeral.
  • To Tom, for your generosity.
  • To Deaco, for preaching an amazing sermon at the funeral.
  • To Huddo, for helping us organise the service and leading it beautifully.
  • To Sam for faithfully praying.
  • To Dapto Church, for hosting an amazing celebration.
  • To the DAC band, for providing us with an awesome time of worship.
  • To Zoe for helping with the set up.
  • To Georgie for organizing the beautiful flowers.
  • To Michael and Janice for opening up your home for our family.
  • To Jill, for soup and chocolate.
  • To Tim and Becky, for opening an account for me.
  • To all those who put money into it, and all others who have generously supported me.
  • To Monica, for putting a meal roster together for me.
  • To all who cooked.
  • To Mum’s friends from work, for your delicious food hamper.
  • To the staff at Youthworks Outdoors, for your prayers.
  • To Mumma Trin, for organizing Maffy’s last hurrah, and so much more.
  • To my psychologist, for helping me.
  • To Chelle, for crying with me.
  • To Barry and Annette, for providing for me, my family, and Matt’s family.
  • To my church family, for your love and prayers.
  • To Vicky, for the flowers to brighten my day.
  • To Ian, for mowing the lawn.
  • To Jon, for expertly trimming the hedge.
  • To Darrel, for the food hamper.
  • To the paramedics who did all they could. 
  • To the police officers for being so kind.
  • To the staff at Nowra Hospital, for being generous and understanding. 
  • To Squid, for keeping me company.
  • To all of you who continue to pray, give, think of, and support us.
  • To Jesus, for dying for Matthew and saving him years ago.


xx zs


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