Over the past six months many people have said to me “Your faith is so encouraging”, or “You are so brave”, or “Your strength is amazing”, etc. I never know what to say to these comments, so usually I just give an awkward smile, or reply “You’re great too!”, and quickly change the subject.

As the weeks have passed I have been reflecting on this idea of perseverance in times of suffering. People often say that it’s easy to praise God when things are going well for us; when we have a job we enjoy, a loving family, a great church community, and good health. When we are feeling prosperous and blessed, it is easy to be thankful – but when times are hard our faith is tested.

I wonder if it is actually the other way around.

When we are blessed with good health, money and great relationships, it is easy to think that we don’t need God. Whereas when our heart’s are broken, our health is failing, our future’s look bleak, our plans have been squashed – we realise how much we need Him.

For me, during this season of pain, my hope and faith in God is nothing to be praised – it’s all I’ve got. Without God’s hand upholding me, I would fall. Without the Spirit speaking into my days, I would despair. Without Jesus by my side, I would crumble.

So for those of you out there who are in a season of joy and prosperity and are continuing to be thankful and faithful to our God – I applaud you. If you have ‘everything you need’ and are still able to realise how dependant you are on God, you are displaying true faith. Keep going.

xx zs



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  1. So well said, Zoe. I think we not only have similar thoughts about our widow experiences, we also have similar musical tastes. (Two of my favorite Mumford lyrics. I am working on an canvas art piece that incorporates the top one. Don’t know that I’m much of an artist, but oh well.)

    At this risk of sounding stalker-ish, I think of you and pray for you. You are doing a hard work.

    Take care,


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