Today I re-watched ‘Becoming Jane’, the story of the life of Jane Austen. I remember that the first time I watched this film, a few years ago, I was distraught by its somewhat ‘unhappy’ ending.

Jane falls deeply in love with a man of little fortune, and after very nearly eloping with him, she decides that she cannot in fact marry him – despite her strong love for him. Alongside Jane’s story we experience her sister’s grief as her fiance suddenly dies at the hands of yellow fever.

Watching the film again today I find myself strangely comforted by this ‘undesirable’ ending; one in which the young people in love do not in fact live happily ever after. The kind of ending that is sadly true for many people.

I don’t know how close the film was to reality, but I personally really enjoy it and recommend it.

xx zs



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