7 Months Today . . .

This past week or so I’ve been feeling rather despondent, and have been encouraged to try and discern what may have ‘triggered’ these feelings. Avoiding the things that trigger our depression can often be hard – or even impossible – but the ability to foresee them can better prepare us for the the emotions that they bring. 

These are a few that plague me at the moment (some will be quite obvious while others may seem strange to you):

Night time, sirens, helicopters, reckless drivers, Sundays, church, engagements and weddings, babies being born, motorcyclists, road accidents, showering, walking, work that needs to be done around the house, sunny days, Aunty Flow, TV shows & movies with happy endings, young couples, old couples, middle-aged couples . . . 

I have no doubt that as time passes and seasons change, so will these triggers. 

xx zs


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