So they say . . .


They say (you know ‘them’ – the ones who seem to have infallible knowledge about numerous topics), that anniversaries are hard for those who mourn a loved one,and  especially the first anniversaries. Christmas, birthdays, wedding, and of course the anniversary of the day the loved one died; apparently these can be especially sucky times (more sucky than day-to-day life without your loved one?!). Sadly for me and my family we aren’t fortunate enough to have these dates spread out…in fact, they all fall within a 2-3 month period.

22nd December: our wedding anniversary

25th December: Christmas

3rd February: my birthday

26th February: day Matthew died

11th March: Matthew’s birthday

Oh boy.

Of course, at the time we thought it would be great to have all of these special occasions close together – who wouldn’t want 3 months of organised parties and celebrations?!

Not any more.

That’s a lot of pain in a very short space.

I am not entirely sure what the next four months will bring. I can only imagine how hard it is going to be not having Matt by my side at Christmas time and celebrating our first wedding anniversary alone.

We just had no idea . . .

xx zs


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