‘Walking With God Through Pain And Suffering’, by Timothy Keller

‘We are all sufferers, or we will be. But not all of us are currently in an experience of deep pain and grief. Those who are not feeling it, but are seeing it in others, will have a host of philosophical, social, psychological, and moral questions about it. On the other hand, those who are in the grip of pain and difficulty now cannot treat it as a philosophical issue. Speaking to the questions of the non sufferer as well as to the struggles of the sufferer in one book is not a simple task. While the afflicted person may cry out using philosophical questions – “Why do you allow such things, God?” – the real concern is personal survival. How can you survive it? How can you get through without loosing the best parts of yourself? To speak in a detached philosophical manner to an actual sufferer is cruel. And yet the experience of pain leads almost inevitably to “big questions” about God and the nature of things that cannot be ignored.’


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