Warning, Spider Man 2 spoilers!

Yesterday I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now; I went to the cinema and saw a movie by myself. I didn’t feel lonely at all, but that may have had something to do with the fact that there were only two other people in the cinema and I sat in front of them so it felt like I was the only person there. (Apparently 3:45pm on a Wednesday arvo is not the most popular time to see a movie!).


The Amazing Spider Man 2 was a great film. I had high expectations for it and I was not disappointed! I loved the first Amazing Spiderman movie (so much more than the three previous ones), with its mixture of scientific nerdity, photographic hipsterdom, romantic drama, athletic action, and superhero goodness. The second edition expanded on all of these themes and was brilliant in its execution.


The one thing that I wasn’t expecting though – and here’s the spoiler – was that Peter Parker’s (aka Spider Man’s) girlfriend was killed. It was at this point that I was thankful to be alone in the cinema, because I was crying like a school girl. In a very real way I felt like I could identify with Peter in his grief. It is interesting how somewhat comforting it is to see another person (albeit a fictional character) experiencing and processing pain like your own. 


I often find myself connecting with characters in books and films, especially since Matt’s accident. I believe that being able to relate to others in our struggles and suffering is an important step in the healing process. Unfortunately for me there are not many people out there who have lost a companion at a young age, so every now and then I take comfort in books and films.


In the wake of Gwen’s sudden death Peter puts his Spider Man days behind him in an attempt to cause less pain to those he loves (he believed that Gwen’s death was his fault). Months later Peter listens to a speech that Gwen gave at her graduation in which she reminds her listeners to live their lives to the fullest, even if they make mistakes. It was after watching her speech that Peter decided to once again don his Spidy suit and continue saving lives.


 This reminded me of something that Matthew said a few days before he died, to a group that he was leading on camp : “Make the most of your lives because you don’t know when they could end.”

It’s true, we just don’t know . . . so today I’m suiting up and I’m going to live.

xx zs


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